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Our thermal cosmetics

“GB Abano Thermæ Hotels” cosmetics
The “GB Abano Thermæ Hotels” cosmetic body and face line has been studied and produced expressly for the GB Thermal Spa of the Borile Group. These are high quality products enriched with active ingredients that will help preserve and prolong the results obtained during your stay in one of the GB Thermæ Hotels from your own home.

Luxury Home Spa
“Luxury Home Spa” is dedicated to those who wish to maintain the best vitality and a splendid look even during the years of maturity. The incomparable pleasant texture, a careful selection of active ingredients chosen for their advanced technology, for the extreme purity and effectiveness, is the secret to treat the signs of aging, by letting work on your skin the most effective nutrient products that science places at our disposal, an appropriate treatment for the skin because you can have it fabulous at forty, fifty, sixty and beyond.

For information or products ordering please contact: info@gbhotelsabano.it or call +39 049 8665800.