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Abano Terme

A city plentiful of well-being.
Let us guide you to the discovery of Abano Terme, a spa town known as the most important and the oldest in Europe; immersed in the romantic landscape of the Euganean Hills and just a few steps away from Padua and Venice. The power of its thermal waters was already known in the Roman times and throughout the centuries Abano Terme was frequented by nobles, kings and comanders.

To visit
Abano Terme is not just a thermal spa centre. It is a city that also houses history and culture: Praglia Abbey, the Camaldonese Hermitage of Monte Rua, the Sanctuary of “Madonna of health” in Monteortone, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Picture Gallery of Montirone, the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, the International Museum of the Mask "Amleto & Donato Sartori", the Gardens and the hill of Montirone, a small hill just a short walk from the Hotel Due Torri Terme, where once flowed naturally rich thermal water springs. At the entrance of the ancient source there is a splendid Corinthian colonnade of the early twentieth century. The Garden of Valsanzibio. All places to discover!
A few kilometres from Abano you will find the Euganean Hills, Padua, the Venetian Villas, Vicenza, Treviso, Verona and the enchanting Venice easily reachable in an half hour journey by car.

In the pedestrian centre of Abano, along Viale delle Terme and across the green area of the Thermal Park, you will find numerous shops of all kinds, from small objects and furniture for the house (THUN, SIA, Home fashion, ...) clothing of the best-known fashion ateliers (Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Laura Biagiotti, Max Mara, Benetton, Stefanel, ...), jewellery shops, a pleasant and inviting shop of early produces as well as gastronomy and wines (Ghiraldi) and many others for a nice walk for shopping a few steps from your hotel!

If you are looking for a taste of the Venetian gastronomy, Abano is the perfect place. Among the local typical dishes you can taste the chicken of Padua, the Venetian soppressa (a large and tasty salami), a nice plate of polenta or schizzotto (a special bread seasoned and crushed, rather rustic-looking) ideal for a tasty snack! But if you prefer sweets, you can not miss a slice of Pazientina, a delicious layer cake. All to be discover!

Small ideas
In day time…

  • Discover Abano aboard the "Puffetto", a toy train on wheels for a panoramic tour of Abano and Montegrotto.
  • Get up early in the morning and go jogging in the thermal park within walking distance from the Hotel Trieste & Victoria.
  • Discover the beautiful sundial-clock designed by the astronomer of Abano Salvador Condè in the Square of Sun and Peace, also called the Sundial Square.
  • Cycling Tour to explore the medieval villages hidden in the Euganean Hills: Arquà Petrarca, Este or the lush gardens of Valsanzibio.
  • Tours and visits to the nearby cities: Padua, the Venetian Villas, Vicenza, Treviso, Verona and Venice.
  • Gymnastics team in thermal water with the personal trainers of the GB Themae Hotels.
  • Nordic Walking
  • Slow Bike

At night time…

  • Discover the thrill of an aperitif or an after dinner drink at the James Bond Bar at the Abano Grand Hotel where the barman, Antonio Della Croce, will surprise you with his "007 tricks”. If you're lucky you meet known Stars of the show!
  • Dance until late at night at the Victoria Club.
  • Drink a cocktail prepared by Lucio at the Secret Bar of the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria.
  • Visit the apartment on the first floor of the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria, headquarters of the Italian High Command during the First World War, where General Armando Diaz stayed in 1918.
  • In winter you can enjoy a nice hot chocolate in the traditional Belgian chocolate shop (De Jaeger) and in summer a nice ice cream at the Romantic bar of the Hotel Due Torri.
  • Learn the secrets of eternal youth at the Temple of Well-Being located in the pedestrian area next to the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria. Exclusive shopping to extend the welfare of your stay at the GB Thermae Hotels.