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It still preserves a lot of painted houses that once characterised this town. The river Sile, which from west to east goes through whole the historical part of the city, and the river Cagnan meets here and confers a special charm to the city-centre, surrounded by walls of the XVIth century. Many plants and weeping willows set down gently their branches on the banks, and some colonnades coast the channels.
In the Piazza dei Signori an elegant succession of ancient palaces creates a solemn and harmonic medieval architectural ensemble. The massive structure of Saint Nicolò Church is set apart. In the Duomo of Saint Peter you can visit the Malchiostro Chapel with frescos by Pordenone and an altarpiece by Tiziano representing the Annunciation.

Treviso, like Venus, was born from the waters. It's this water weaving - basement of the town that has preserved its charm - that astonish tourists' eyes.
The Piazza dei Signori is still today the heart of the town. A very suggestive place is the Vicolo Molinetto, where there's the wheel of the ancient mill still functioning and from where you can appreciate the 'show' of the Pescheria, an animated fish market and the old houses that reflect theirselves in the river Cagnan waters.
Finally, there is the Loggia dei Cavalieri, the so-called "roofed square", conceived as rendezvous for the aristocrats who played chess, and today market-place.