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It's simply an unique city in the world and with no doubt the most romantic one built almost 1500 years ago on the islands of the lagoon.
When we arrive in Venice, we will leave from Piazzale Tronchetto with a private motor-boat travelling along the panoramic Canale Giudecca, rich in historical buildings such as the Basilica of Redentore and Saint George Basilica (San Giorgio Maggiore), two masterpieces which keep Palladio's signature.
We will walk through little streets of a never-seen Venice, i.e. the city where the Venetians live their lives. Venice is a very charming city even in the hidden places.

From Rialto bridge (Ponte del Rialto) it will be possible to admire the Great Channel (Canal Grande) in its beauty, and from here we will go on towards Saint Mark square (Piazza San Marco) to conclude with a brief visit of the Basilica dedicated to the holy patron of Venice.