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A panoramic tour of the city will let us see the most important buildings, the medieval sites and some Roman constructions which still survive. Then the tour will go on towards the historical centre with the visit of the pedestrian area.
Verona is also famous as city of love, as a consequence of Shakespeare's drama ("… In fair Verona, where we lay our scene from ancient grudge break to new mutiny… A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life, whose misadventur'd piteous overthrows…" - chorus, I, i, Romeo & Juliet). Here are the characteristic balcony, Juliet's tomb, setting of her romantic tragedy, and Romeo's house. The House of Capulet, where Romeo meets his sweet Juliet, still exists. It isn't far from his lover's one; it is located near the place where the Scaligeri will build their sepulchral arches. The tomb is in the Church of the Saint Francis 'al Corso' Monastery.

Piazza Erbe, which was first the Roman forum, became the seat of the county offices and of merchants Associations. The City Hall stands between Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, and it encloses the Old Market Courtyard (Cortile Mercato Vecchio), with the Scala della Ragione (XVth century) and the colossal Lamberti Tower. In the middle of the square you can admire a marmoreal canopy, called 'il Capitello', and a fountain with an allegory of Verona (la Fontana di Madonna Verona). To end, the impressive Roman Arena, more than 1900 year-old, which represents one of the greatest monument of ancient Roman Art. It had been built in the Ist century A.C. and it stood out of the town-walls to permit several performances and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Since 1913 when the Aida was acted for the very first time, the Arena has become the most famous open-air theatre in the international panorama.
San Zeno, Benedictine monastery (VIIIth century) and Romanic basilica re-built after the earthquake in 1117, has the façade with the characteristic rose-window. Inside you can find the triptych by Andrea Mantegna (1457-59).
To finish a beautiful day with an unforgettable evening, here you are the Arena Opera Festival Calendar 2013 >>