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Travelling along the Riviera Berica and perceiving the first Villas, we will arrive in Vicenza, called the 'City of the Gold' because of its famous art of working gold; but most of all it is a member of the UNESCO, thanks to the building realised on the projects of Andrea Palladio.

Before entering this pleasant town, we will have the possibility to admire - only from the bus - the Villa Almerico Capra called "La Rotonda", a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio, who was called by the Cardinal Almerico to build a house on the top of a hill. Half a temple and half a villa, its name comes from the cupola, which is quite unusual for such a house.
The visit of the historical centre will start with the Olympic Theatre, known for its scene-setting since 1585. Work of genius, idea of Palladio for the Olympic Academy he was member of, and realised by Francesco Scamozzi. It is the first modern sheltered theatre of the Occident.
The visit will continue towards the contrà Porti, where you can see the most famous building by Palladio, among which there is the Basilica reigning in the central square Piazza dei Signori.

Not so far from the urban centre a hill dominates the town. It keeps on its top the Basilica of Monte Berico, built in 1600 next to the primitive gothic small church. From here you can admire the panorama of Vicenza and the pre-Alps. A brief visit in the basilica is previewed to appreciate the important painting by Paolo Veronese.