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GB Experience: Fango Plus Emotional

A choice of:

GB Mud-Fango Plus Emotional Draining (50 min)
A cool mud-fango pack with added cosmceuticals, formulated with stem cells of the oak tree and phytosomes of centella that boost the draining action of the matured mud-fango and the thermal waters. The treatment concludes with an aromatic ozone bath and caressing massage for a real feel of light legs.

GB Mud-Fango Plus Emotional Detoxifying (50 min)
An application of mud-fango with added cosmeceuticals formulated with phytosomes of visnaga and the slimming liposomes of caffeine and the teophylline extracted from sweet clover and marian thistle. A perfumed ozone bath follows and the ritual of being coated in nourishing vitamin oil. The result of this treatment is complete elimination of toxins.

GB Mud-Fango Plus Emotional Energizing (50 min)
The treatment begins with the application of mud-fango enriched by milk proteins and cosmeceuticals formulated with the stem cells of the oak tree, of essential amino acids polypeptides in combination with pure vitamins (E-A-C-B5) for cell regeneration. A perfumed ozone thermal bath follows and massage concludes.

GB Mud-Fango Plus Emotional Relaxing (50 min)
This particular treatment is based on the unique relaxing properties of the mud-fango in Abano that is applied lukewarm on the back,. The pure essential oils of camphor, melissa, lavender, rose and lemon added to the pack increase the muscle relaxing effect of the matured mud-fango and lend significant soothing muscle action. An aromatic thermal bath follows with final caresses that accompany the ritual of being massaged with vitamin oil.

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