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Thermal Grotto

Regular use of the grotto during a Spa holiday is a relaxing therapeutic treatment which is often carried out as complementary to traditional thermal treatments.
Anthrotherapy can be done either in a hot and humid environment (the grotto) or a hot and dry one (sauna). You will be advised as to the ideal one for you by your thermal medical specialist.

Relaxing in the thermal grotto, immersed in the special micro climate created by the heat and the chemical physical characteristics of the vaporised water from the thermal spring, setting off circulatory phenomena and thermo dispersion mechanisms with vasodilatation, tissue capillary action and intense sweating.
It is an extremely useful treatment when strengthening the muscular system, in cleansing and detoxing in general, thanks to the elimination of metabolic waste through the skin pores.

This natural ancient treatment has recently been reassessed and today is offered in association with mud bathing therapy, in the treatment of arthro-rheumatic diseases, in well-being stays, in dietary programmes and when the aim is for psychophysical recovery in treating chronic stress.