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Rehabilitation in Thermal Water

Many pathological conditions such as fractures, trauma, orthopedic surgery, arthrosis and other rheumatic diseases and neurological disorders are effectively treated using treatment protocols designed to achieve more rapid physiological recovery, pain and psychological improvements.

The immersion in thermal water suitably cooled to a temperature between 30°C - 35°C (86°F - 95°F) joins muscle relaxant and analgesic effect, characteristic of its chemical composition and the action of dynamization caused by numerous water jets and micronized by designated mixers arranged along the edge of the basin.

The result is a comprehensive treatment of hydrotherapy, extremely pleasant and efficient, which speeds up recovery time, reduces pain and reflected muscle contracture.

An area in the hotel La Residence is entirely devoted to the Hydrokinesis Centre, where a large part of rehabilitation is carried out immersing the guest in thermal water assisted by a therapist.