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Inhalation Therapy

In the Thermal Spa of the GB Hotels in Abano Terme are carried out under medical supervision inhaling treatments (inhalation and aerosol), using the therapeutic effects on the respiratory system of salty-bromine-iodine waters of the thermal springs of Abano Terme.

The particular composition of the thermal water makes possible to obtain an antiseptic action on the mucous membranes, a fluency of secretions and stimulation of the ciliary bronchial apparatus: in this way are favoured the defence mechanisms of the organism both against common colds and from chronic irritation caused by deteriorating environmental conditions (pollution, fine dust, cigarette smoke).

The thermal inhalations are particularly appropriated for the symptoms of upper respiratory tracts (sinusopatie, pharyngitis, laryngitis), while the aerosols are mostly used in the treatment of the respiratory system diseases (tracheitis, bronchitis, emphysema, ...).

Inhaling treatments have an immediate therapeutic effect but are often used at a preventive level to completion of a traditional thermal cure.

The treatment is more effective and lasting if combined with applications of local mud-therapy.
The number of inhalations and aerosol and their frequency are advised and personalized by the thermal Spa specialist.

For information and booking please contact info@gbhotelsabano.it or call +39 0498665800