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Aqua Gym

Aquagym is a panacea for the body, moreover if you have a swimming-pool with thermal water the global welfare even after a single session is guaranteed. It includes a series of gymnastic exercises to be done in water in time to music under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

It is accessible to all (no need to know how to swim) and to all ages, even in the presence of disability. Water aerobics is performed in a thermal pool, cooled to a temperature (and varies depending on the season) that suits sport activities and movement.

It is a complete and safe treatment that is proposed as a recreational sport and rehabilitating activity, but also as an effective aesthetic result. The main benefits are:
a) improvement of muscle elasticity tone, 
b) soft extending of the muscles,
c)  reactivation of peripheral circulation,
d) increasing of lymphatic drainage,
e) hardening of tissues,
f)  improvement of joint mobility,
g) psychophysical relaxation.

In each Thermal Spa of the GB Thermae Hotels are performed daily, Monday to Saturday, aquagym exercises in group with qualified personal trainers. Some programs also include water aerobics performed individually with the therapist in the pool with you so that he can closely monitor all the movements in question.