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Bathing in the Thermal Pool

The particular composition of the thermal water which is used for all the pools in the GB Thermae Hotels at Abano Terme and the temperatures used (30°C - 36°C) (86°F - 97°F) carry out a definitely useful myo-relaxing and de-tensing action which is useful in quickly resolving problems of muscular tension and for regaining well-being.

In each GB Thermae Hotel there are numerous thermal pools at different temperatures, both indoor and outdoor, intercommunicating, fitted out with relaxation areas, hydro-massage, contra-current swimming programmes, jet lances for cervical massage, beds for relaxing and hydro-bikes.

The activities possible range from basic swimming and floating to active gymnastics and recuperation exercises, from hydro-massage to whirlpool for restorative and stimulating effects. Nothing is better for your legs and their well-being than Kneipp vascular programmes.