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Ozone Thermal Bath

An Ozone thermal bath is the essential finishing touch in mud therapy.
The water used in the thermal baths extracted at a temperature of 87°C (189 °F) from the springs below the thermal Spa at the GB Hotels of Abano Terme. Classified as sodium-bromide-iodide hyper-thermal. The water is a unique resource in the world and is used accordingly, cooled at the temperature prescribed by the specialists as an essential finishing touch in thermal treatments for osteo-articular diseases thanks to its intense myo-relaxing and vaso-stimulant action combined with the energizing effect of ionised water.

The temperature at which the water is used plus its chemical and physical composition furthermore guarantee a distinct anthalgic and relaxing effect, useful in the rapid solutions to problems following muscular tension especially at vertebral levels (cervical, lumbago and backache).