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Ayurveda (55 min)

Kerala Abyangam, the gateway to the Eastern world. The basic Ayurvedic massage is done with lukewarm oil enriched with essences according to the type of person.
The massage can be soothing (vata), draining (pitta), toning (kapha), nourishing (treedosha).
The ayurvedic therapy is based on the concept of the three dosha. The dosha are responsible of the energies of the body that influence the whole living subjects, as well as the mental and spiritual energies.
Although the dosha concept is entirely present in the ayurveda, the same concept does not wander from the western traditional idea of three fundamental types of physical structure. The majority of us is a combination of two types (or of all three: tridosha), with the predominance of one of them. The three types of dosha are known as vata, pitta and kapha. Who shows a predominant vata energy has the tendency of being long-limbed, very active and creative, the type pitta conforms himself as medium build and with an organized and precise mental activity, while the kapha ones tend to be strong build and sedentary.