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Lymphatic Drainage (58 or 85 min)

The manual lymph-drainage is a natural technique used both in aesthetic and therapy, devised by Danish physician Emil Vodder. It’s most effective against oedema, lymphatic stasis, cephalalgia, dark shadows and in general all those swellings caused by inadequate drainage system.
This is a particular technique which the masseur performs very light touches that have the purpose of "channelling" the lymph in the direction of the outflow.

The benefits are many: it eliminates the stagnation of interstitial fluids which are the cause of swellings, it promotes the healing process as the fresh lymph is rich in reconstructive cells, it favours the increase of the immune system defences through the phagocytic power of the lymph, it helps to nourish better the tissues and is able to restore the water balance in the dehydrated areas, being very slow and rhythmic, produces a relaxing effect on both the individual muscles and on the body in general.
In the aesthetic field is used as a treatment to contrast problems such as acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite, superficial oedemas and the bags under the eyes.
In therapy can provide significant results in the following pathologies: haematomas, sprains with haematomas, dislocation of joints, fractures, scars and wounds caused also by surgery, arthritis, rheumatism, cervical, lumbar pain, constipation, migraines, headaches, varicose veins, etc...

The treatment is ideal if combined with the peristaltic press-therapy.

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