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Shiatsu (58 min)

It’s a very powerful technique for rebalancing. A periodical undergo is a treatment done by expert hands and is then an excellent way to stay in good health.
Very good results are obtained in all painful pathologies, from those joints (particularly lower back pain), to cephalalgia. In shiatsu, the therapist (shiatsuka) enters the relationship with the patient by the manual contact in order to perceive the state of energy balance, on which he must work.

In practice shiatsu session takes place in a calm and comfortable environment. Usually the patient lies down on a padded mat (tatami) or lies on a massage bed while the therapist can remain kneeling or standing. The handling is generally very pleasant and relaxing and it consists of tractions and pressures maintained for a few seconds on specific areas, interspersed with gentle mobilization of the joints. The natural mobility is never forced and any possible knot of tension is not "loosened up" with force, but one always works through a gradual balancing ought to obtain the right balance.
Usually one prefers not to operate directly on the skin, so the patient wears a light dress or a gym suit. Therefore no oil or cream is used.

The deep action of the treatment makes shiatsu very effective in all forms of stress and tension, both psychological and muscular.

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