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Element of traditional Chinese medicine, the Do-In has arrived in Europe in the '50s. Still today it is used by the Zen Buddhist monks. It aims to restore balance, control and enhance the vital energy that flows in the body. Used as instruments for the stimulation of the meridians through acupressure and self massage, breathing, meditation and practice of exercises for the reactivation of Qi. The Do-In, once learned with the help of a teacher, can be done by oneself.

Depending on how it is done, it may have energizing finalities or relaxing, but in any case, provides a gentle and graceful exploration of the body that leads to reactivate the sensitivity.

Suitable for all, the Do-In promotes the knowledge and the rebalancing of inner energies, and therefore is an effective tool for working on one’s own health both preventive and curative. A regular practice increases tangible and lasting vitality, strength and flexibility of the individual. In each Thermal Spa of the GB Thermae Hotels is possible to follow individual courses of Do-In. At the Abano Grand Hotel is instead scheduled two days a week, a group exercise program to which guests of the Abano Grand Hotel have free access.

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