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Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a walking sports technique that is practiced with the aid of two specially designed sticks. The use of these special sticks and the application of a proper technique allows the movement of the arms, shoulders and trunk, increasing this way the benefits of walking.
It is a non-competitive sport for everyone, for people of all ages, sexes and in any physical form (from a gentle and therapeutic walk to more intense exercises for athletes) and it can be practiced in all seasons and locations (green areas, river banks, hills and beach, flat or hilly areas). The goal is to teach people to move better and walk every day in a correct way, to control better one’s own posture, to conduct a regular and healthy physical activity.

The "global concept" of Nordic Walking is a plan for the total well-being of mind and body.

Through a technically correct execution, can be obtained a complete, healthy, safe and natural training of the whole body. In fact, scientific studies show that the practice of Nordic Walking, if done correctly, betters the awareness and the control of one’s own body, the posture, the respiration, the physical condition and therefore the welfare and particularly the health of people. The training intensity can be adjusted to the physical condition of anyone who practices it and to the objectives that one hopes to achieve.

Some periods of the year as March, April and May are particularly suited to the practice of Nordic Walking, thanks to mild temperatures and the extraordinary landscape which can be seen while walking.

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