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Personal Trainer

It’s an important figure and highly professional (Bachelor ISEF) always present in each Thermal Spa of the GB Thermae Hotels. In the group activities your personal trainer will suggest soft or more dynamic paths depending on your training and your personal needs. Activities may take place in the gym, in the pool, by bike or in the hotel park. Better results are obtained with individual programs in which you can interact and compare them with the personal trainer at any time during the exercise.

To modulate breathing, muscle strain and weight distributing it during the week it will give excellent results that you can then keep once at home. Several sessions with a personal trainer can take place in the thermal swimming-pool where there are different paths for all levels, from the under water jet massage for relaxation the hydro-bike, to the Kneipp path for the welfare of the legs.

In all the programs proposed by the GB Thermae Hotels is scheduled one hour of group activity in the pool with a personal trainer in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday. Even those who stay without having planned a wellness program can access these courses.

​​For information and booking please contact info@gbhotelsabano.it or call +39 0498665800