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The Method Pilates is a training system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early '900. It is a program of exercises that focuses on postural muscles, namely, those muscles that help to keep the body balanced and are essential support to the spine. The method is also indicated in the field of postural rehabilitation. In particular, Pilates’ exercises do make one aware of breathing and of the alignment of the spine by strengthening the muscles of the deep plane of the trunk, very important for helping alleviate and prevent back pain.
With this training method are not only strengthend the abdominals but also strengthens the deeper muscles near the column and around the pelvis. The hinge point of the method is toning and strengthening of the Power House, namely all the muscles connected to the trunk: abdomen, buttocks, adductors and the lumber area.

The exercises performed on the mat (Pilates’ Mat Work) must be smooth, perfectly executed, must also be combined with proper breathing. In each Thermal Spa of the GB Thermae Hotels is possible to follow individual courses of Pilates. At the Abano Grand Hotel is instead scheduled two days a week, a group exercise program to which guests of the Abano Grand Hotel have free access.

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