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The techniques taught by yoga are based on the Indian physiology according to which the human body is crossed by energy channels, the nadis, in which flows the prana: the universal energy. The nadis are over 40,000 (perhaps 72,000) and radiate the whole body with the energy of the universe. The three most important channels are ida, pingala and sushuma that flows around the spine intersecting in some points.

The natural energies of yoga, amplified by the thermal properties of thermal water, allow a shock strategy, unique and successful, eliminating tension and stress accumulated.
The protagonist is the well-being that is achieved through the techniques of purification of pranic channels that use: the respiration, the postures and the thermal water, the relaxation and concentration techniques, the geothermal energy of thermal water spring and a draining and purifying nourishment.

The practice of this discipline is very useful in anti-stress programs, burn out and postural re-education.
In all GB Themae Hotels it is also possible to book individual yoga lessons with a teacher.

At the Hotel Metropole are held monthly yoga seminars lasting a weekend or 7 days.

​​For information and booking please contact info@gbhotelsabano.it or call +39 0498665800