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Watsu (50 min)

Shiatsu ancient oriental massage technique, has taken on new modern dimensions with practices in water creating aquatic shiatsu, based on the principles of shiatsu zen. Its objective, physical well-being.
Water shiatsu or aquatic shiatsu is a hydrotherapy technique developed at the beginning of the Eighties by Harold Dull, an American. Physical well-being is obtained thanks to the stimulation of the body energy flow along the meridians, imaginary lines crossing the body.

Ideal for all kinds of ailments concerning the motor system, this technique is practiced more and more when giving birth, due to the relaxing effects it has on all the body. On the psychological level aquatic shiatsu is in a position to reduce stress and the fear of loneliness. It is also a valid aid in maintaining a positive attitude in life.
Floating in water at body temperature helped by the therapist in making rotary rhythmic movements tensive or relaxing, with the face always above water level. In this way muscles and tendons de-contract, the energetic meridians activate and the joints acquire great agility and nimbleness.

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