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Multi Sensory Programmes

Programmes organized according to the synergistic blending of three essential elements: massage rituals, created for each treatment, active cosmeceutic products, formulated with plant staminal products, extracted from English Oak (Quercus Robur) and Fitosomiali® (Phytusomial) pharmaceutics, used in combination with a new way of using matured mud and thermal water in Abano Terme.
The programmes offer total regeneration thanks to the olfactory programmes that stir up our emotions and stimulate serotonin secretions which intercede on our state of well-being, good humour and positive attitude on life.

BLUE path - Drainage Steps
Body treatments, with anti-stress effect, for capillary fragility and that feeling of heavy legs, using cool and aromatic “mud-fango Più”. Facial treatments are suited to sensitive skins and include special facial cleansing, which is carried out using a refreshing cool mud-fango pack, thus making traditional steam unnecessary.

  • Delicate facial cleansing
  • Clarifying and desensitising facial treatment
  • Exfoliating fruit gel Body Peeling
  • GB Thermal Mud-fango refreshing leg treatment
  • Mud-fango Plus Emotional Draining

YELLOW path - Detox Steps
Anti-cellulite and anti-adipose body treatments which help to re-shape the silhouette thanks to cosmetic mud-fango with a slimming effect.
Facial treatments are ideally suited to impure and smog stressed skins. For purifying action which will leave your skin clean and glowing.

  • Thermal Facial Cleansing
  • Detoxing Thermal Facial Treatment
  • Vulcanic Body Peeling “Brushed”
  • GB Detoxing Thermal Mud-fango Treatment
  • Detoxing Mud-fango Plus Emotional

RED path - Firming Steps
Mud-fango and thermal water based body treatments with an energizing, firming and toning effect on the body and breast tissues. The facial treatments are ideal for complete and deep-reaching anti-wrinkle action thanks to the use of natural anti-oxidant vitamins such as C, A and E.

  • Thermal Facial Cleansing
  • Multivitamin Regenerating Treatment
  • GB Olive Oil Peeling and Treatment
  • GB Thermal Mud-fango elasticising Body and Breast Treatment
  • Emotional Energizing Mud-fango Plus

GREEN path - Relaxing Steps
Facial and Body anti-stress treatments to relieve mental and physical strain and nourish the skin, too. Mud-fango Plus for relaxing muscular action. Specific facial stress-relieving treatments. The result will be a smoother, fresher and more youthful looking skin thanks to the pure and natural elements massaged into your skin with dexterity.

  • Delicate Facial Cleansing
  • Anti-stress Facial Treatment
  • Antioxidant and Nourishing Facial Treatment
  • GB Anti-stress Peeling and Body Treatment
  • Emotional Relaxing Muscular Mud-fango Plus

TURQUOISE path - for "Him"
Fresh, perfumed and easily absorbable, facial treatments with an oxygenating effect on the skin, anti-stress and anti-aging action. Body treatments based on the effects of citrus fruits and their vitamins.

  • Thermal facial cleansing
  • Illuminating male facial treatment for glowing skin
  • Peeling treatment containing apricot stones and fruit gel
  • Regenerating treatment for men and vigorous massage

WHITE path
GB Jasmine White Steps - emotional well-being full immersion
A thermal embrace to warm the body up and loosen tensions, completed by the harmony of caressing and relaxing massages.
The effects of Jasmine oil are to be especially found at an emotional level: calming the nerves, creating optimism, self-confidence and euphoria.

  • 2 thermal baths with essence of jasmine
  • 1 Thermal Jasmine Therapy
  • 1 Ayurveda treatment
  • GB Jasmine flavoured herbal tea

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