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Bacchus Therapy (treatment based on grapes)


  • 1 Bacchus Face and Body therapy for beauty and well-being.
    It is an aroma-emotional program, which starts with the aromatic gel and seeds of red grapes for skin renewal by gentle exfoliation. It continues with a Resveratrol and grape poly-phenol anti-oxidant firming compress, which stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin fibres. It concludes with a Resveratrol vitamin massage, nourishing and regenerating psychophysically.
  • 1 Mud-fango Bacchus.
    The whole body is enveloped in a mist of aromatic essences just prior to the application of a thin layer of mud-fango, freshly removed from the maturation tanks, followed by pure grape must gently stroked into the skin. The Bacchus embrace continues with a bath in the hydro-massage enriched with the fruity essences of red grapes in effervescent reactivating salts. The heaven sent application of regenerating Resveratrol vitamin oils, follows leaving skin soft, glowing and nourished.

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