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GB Luxury Hematite

An innovative treatment that is the fruit of the thermal research sponsored by GB Thermae Hotels. It is especially well suited for quick results in fighting the effects of time on the tone and elasticity of dull, de-hydrated facial and neck skin in both men and women and in maintaining a youthful, natural look.
A synergy of various massage techniques, natural cosmetic treatments and unique multisensory activation that leads to restoring the balance lost due to the negative actions of stress on the skin. It helps revitalize and mineralize tissues, filling in unsightly blemishes from within, especially those wrinkles of expression.

Iridescent black crystals of Hematite, active vegetable oxygen extracted from soy sprouts and the precious minerals contained in our thermal spring water, these are the ingredients of this exclusive anti-age treatment brought to you by GB presently making its debut at the Anti-Aging Thermal Spa of the Abano Grand Hotel.
Suitable for all ages to fight the signs of time and to preserve all the benefits of a youthful appearance, this method makes it possible to achieve visible, lasting results right from the very first treatment thanks to the combined action of the primordial elements (water, earth, metal) and the thermal environment.

For information and booking please contact info@gbhotelsabano.it or call +39 0498665800