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Mud Anti-Aging

Thermal mud-fango that we use for this exclusive treatment is further enriched with “algae” (in particular, diatoms and cyanofics in ETS03 and ETS05 group) extracted from superficial vegetable aggregates in the maturation tanks and put through a particular blending process, thus creating a thermal mousse that can be applied all over the body.
The mud-fango Anti-aging treatment has deep-reaching effects:
acting on the bone cartilage trophism, tonifying the muscular system, stimulating cell-renewal, activating the natural production of connective tissues strengthening the skin, improving the micro-circuit.

Four different objectives in a single application:

  • Intensive treatment of bone tissue thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of highly- concentrated vegetable substances in the mud-fango.
  • Skin anti-oxidant, thanks to the presence of certain highly potential metabolic algae in the mud-fango pack that stimulate cell renewal, improve the micro circuit and revitalize skin tissues.
  • Anti-stress Relief thanks to the aromatic hydro-essences, (green tea and cool mint) used in bathing
  • Metabolic reactivation and lymphatic drainage thanks to anti-aging herbal tea.