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Application of Mature Wellness Fango and Thermal Ozone Bath

The thermal treatment with mature fango of Abano involves the whole body. Like any other thermal cure, the application of fango should be conducted upon prescription and under supervision of the spa physician.
It is practiced in the morning, fasting. The mature mud used in the Spas of the GB Hotels, rich in vegetable anti-inflammatory substances derived from clay of the Euganean Hills, which undergoes a process of maturation in thermal water.

The application of fango is carried out by our experienced staff (the fanghini): The body is coated with a layer of about 5 - 10 cm of fango at a temperature of 42° - 45° C (108 °F - 113 °F) and then covered with a sheet and a wool blanket to slow the loss of heat. The duration of treatment varies from 10 to 20 minutes. Once freed from the fango and after the shower, one plunges into a wraparound thermal bath of spring micro-dynamized water (with ozonized air to create a micro-effervescence) at a temperature of 37° C (99 °F) for at least 5-10 minutes. Then dried and accompanied in one’s room or in a particular place where one lays in bed, well covered, for at least 30 minutes to allow the classic sweating reaction. Usually the session ends with a pleasant body massage, but can also be completed with other treatments, such as physio-kinesis-therapy or hydro-kinesis-therapy.

The application of mature fango, along with the thermal bath, brings considerable benefits to the muscular apparatus, osteoarticular and to problems of posture, it has an anti-inflammatory action, increases antioxidant defences, actives cell metabolism, protects the articular cartilage and does not cause gastro disturbances. The action of hydrostatic pressure of the thermal waters facilitates the venous return, lymphatic drainage and reduces the stagnation of interstitial fluids. The repetition of this treatment for at least two weeks also leads to an effective action on the chronic pain.