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Mud Fitness

The treatment Mud Fitness begins by sipping a lukewarm draining herb tea. Afterwards, in a particular relaxing area a mature fango compress will be applied at temperature and in the areas indicated by the doctor and about 15 minutes after will followed by a revitalizing  thermal shower.

The thermal bath that follows is an essential part of treatment, with a complete immersion in the mineral water, to which is added a fragrant green-marine essence, the “relaxing hydro bath” and essential oils (white musk and lemon flowers) whose function is to amplify the therapeutic effect of the thermal water together with the relaxing one of aromatherapy.
After the thermal bath, having dried the skin, is vaporized on the whole body a nice cloud of fragrance, the "Esprit of Abano" with a moisturizing and rebalancing action of the skin pH. Follows the application of "refreshing gel for legs capillary" for a refreshing action or "firming gel” for a firming action.

The Mud Fitness provides several benefits: regenerate the tissues, tone the muscles, loosens the stiffness, relaxes the spinal column using the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the fango therapy. In addition, the bath in thermal spring water, completed by the ozone action, causes a soothing hydro massage and the consequent cutaneous micro stimulation.