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Mud Health Plus

The matured mud at the GB Thermae Hotels, unique, contains in particular an alga known as ET505 reproduced in our maturing vats exclusively. The mechanism of anti-inflammatory action has been tested and controlled by the University of Padua and has recently been patented at European level (EP 05100038).

This ritual is the latest innovation in Modern Thermalism , studied by the GB medical team, it blends the extraordinary benefits of the matured mud, rich in anti-inflammatory plant substances, of the classic thermal water therapy with those active principles contained in GB Cosmetics.
A  5 – 10 cm layer of matured mud is spread over the body at a temperature of 38 – 42°C (100°F - 108°F)for a length of 10 to 20 minutes. A luxuriant, relaxing bath in thermal spring water, follows micro dynamised and enriched with hydro essences.
A GB Health Herbal Tea will help re-activate the metabolism after your thermal bath.