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Rehab Centre

The Idrokinesis® Centre, situated inside the Hotel La Residence at Abano Terme, is the first rehabilitation centre equipped with the highest level of apparatus and a medical team of top experts in rehabilitation in Thermal water.

The association between classical rehabilitation and the innovation offered by the treatments in the therapeutic thermal baths, represents the new challenge in the field of motor and functional rehabilitation following surgery, for the treatment of postural problems, respiratory, chronic, neurological, vascular and lymphatic pathologies.
Anyone suffering from muscle – bone apparatus pathologies, or anyone surgically operated, is perfectly aware of the difficulties present when attempting to return to routine activities and the importance of quickly recuperating a good quality of life, in a protected environment, full of comforts.

The Idrokinesis® Centre represents the Ideal solution. A natural choice, combined with the latest medical rehabilitative knowledge and skills, plus avant-garde technologies, all in a setting where for years traditional thermal medicine has been practiced.
The water of the spring at Idrokinesis® Centre is the principle element in this natural programme. Rehabilitation in the thermal therapeutic baths offers less risks, completely protects the patient and guarantees results which will last in time.

The Hydrokinesis Thermal Therapy exploits the physical and chemical properties of water for therapeutic ends; it is the ideal treatment for patients, both young and old, surgically operated, traumas (including sports injuries), rheumatic, neurological, vascular and limb linfedemi diseases.
The patient is followed by highly specialized staff and accommodated in an intimate and reserved setting. Ideal for recuperating a state of total autonomy and functional independence in total relaxation.

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