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Detox Programme

The programme is based on the synergy of the purifying effect triggered off by a balanced diet and stimulation of the metabolism using thermal spa mud and baths.
One week of balanced dieting obtains fast results both in terms of body weight loss and the overall calorie control.
Medical assistance and made to measure programme.

  • Appointment with dietician and diet to follow at home.
  • 7 days of detox diet
  • 6 treatments of GB Mud-Fango Plus Emotional (Detoxifying, Draining or Energizing)
  • 6 draining treatments as indicated by medical prescription: thermal facial cleansing, volcanic brushing body peeling, GB thermal Mud-Fango detoxifying with bendage, GB thermal Mud-Fango elasticizing, lymphatic drainage, detox face thermal treatment.
  • 6 sessions 30 min. with a personal trainer: “body- toning” modelling gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics and body stretching (or six 28 min massages)