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Earth Programme

The Earth programme includes a session with our doctor, 6, 10 or 12 hours of treatments based on “Well-being Thermal Mud bath therapy”, shower, thermal bath with ozone, wellness massage (28 min.), Spa Card.

Our thermal water which is classified as saline-bromine-iodine hyper-thermal, once appropriately cooled, it is used for hydrotherapy in our individual thermal basins and in large swimming pools.

The Fango used in the Thermal Spa of GB Thermæ Hotels is not simply any mud: it results from the unique interaction between a special clay obtained from the bottom of two lakes located in the Euganean Hills, and the strengthening and activating action of our thermal water. This clay, purified and treated, is allowed to rest and mature in special tanks. The Fango is incubated for two months in the presence of a continuous flow of thermal water at a temperature of 85-87°C. The high temperature in the ripening tanks allows the development of the active components typical of the thermal mud.

During this process there is a progressive colonization of the clay by many micro-algae (Diatoms and Cyanoficee) and cyano-bacteria (Phormidium) present in the ecosystem that characterizes the Euganean Thermal Basin. This particular process results in our thermal mud “Fango”, which is enriched by cyanic-bacteria ETS-05 that produce beneficial glycolipids.
These substances provide a high anti-inflammatory treatment that is also characterized by the absence of side effects.