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Thermal Water

The thermal water in the GB Thermae Hotels is a real spring of well-being.

Belonging to the category of deep, underground waters and bursting from the wells present in each and every GB Hotel in Abano Terme at a temperature of 86°C - 87°C (187°F - 189°F). On its long, slow journey the water is enriched by precious minerals, in fact, it is one of the richest thermal waters in Europe and is classified as sodium-bromide-iodide hyperthermal.
It is a unique resource which is used in various ways and offers numerous beneficial effects for both body and mind.

The thermal water contained in the thermal pools induces relaxation and loosens muscular tension. As a more intensive and personalized treatment it is in the individual thermal baths where it is dynamised with ozone and enriched with hydro-essences, in the Kneipp vascular programmes, hot and cold for swollen legs, in grottos for detoxing.
In all these cases the temperature for use and the particular physical and chemical composition of the thermal water guarantee a distinct anthalgic and relaxing action, useful in the rapid solution of problems consequent to muscular tensions, above all at vertebral level (cervical pain, chronic lumbago, backache).

Abano thermal water is also used for inhalations and aerosol, well suited to children, it has a mucolitical and purifying effect on the mucus of the respiratory system, thus permitting positive results in respiratory problems themselves.